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Get more signups (and sales) without being pushy

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Regardless of what you’re writing – sales copy, social media, emails or your blog – you want people to DO something with what they’ve read.

It might be signing up for your free gift, buying your course, booking a consult, or just commenting on your post. Of course… writing authentic, effective calls to action (CTAs) is a LOT harder than it sounds. Do any of these worries sound familiar?

  • How can I get people to take action WITHOUT sounding sales-y?
  • How many calls to action am I supposed to have, exactly? And does it matter where I put them?
  • How long should they be? What should they look like? And are there words I have to use?

To answer all those questions and help you RELAX around writing calls to action, I’ve put together a free workshop called Beautifully Compelling CTAs.


Learn to write effective, heart-based calls to action in this FREE workshop

Beautifully Compelling CTAs is a FREE, practical workshop in which you’ll:

  • Discover 5 of the most common myths about CTAs that can actually make your copy LESS effective
  • Learn a simple, 6-step process to create compelling CTAs that work for YOUR readers
  • Evaluate real-life CTAs so you know exactly what to do – and what to AVOID – for yours (plus three lucky peeps will get personal feedback from me on theirs LIVE)

Want the details?

  • Date and time: Thursday 17 Nov at 10.30 am NZDT (find that in YOUR time zone here)
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Cost: 100% FREE
  • Availability: just 100 spots available – to claim yours, click the big, green button below.


A few comments about my previous webinars and classes…

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tanja-gardnerWho am I, and why am I giving this workshop?

Hi there! If we haven’t met before, I’m Tanja. I’m a copywriter for heart-based business-folk who believe that making a difference and making a profit are equally important.

I’ve been copywriting for close to ten years now, and running my own full-time business for four.  So I totally get how hard marketing can be for many heart-based businessfolk – especially if they’ve been on the receiving end of pushy, hype-y, icky sales tactics themselves.

I believe passionately that there IS another way; and I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with other heart-based entrepreneurs to help them make more of their difference in the world. That’s why I created this workshop.

If you have any questions about it, please do get in touch.

Otherwise, claim your spot by clicking the big green button below!