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Is your home page driving you a little… loopy?

It’s crazy, right?  The way one little page can cause SO MANY problems?Stress at workplace. Sleepy student.

Here’s just a selection of the comments the folks in my tribe have made about their home pages:

  • I have no idea what to leave in, and what to leave out…
  • I can’t stop rambling – how do I make it concise?!
  • How do I make it sound like ME, and not some marketing-guru-pod-person?
  • How do I make it speak to my ideal clients, and keep the tyre-kickers from wasting my time?
  • How many freaking calls to action am I supposed to have on there anyway?

The good news: if you’ve found yourself asking similar questions, help is just around the corner.

G2ZSH1CZMNDiscover the easy way to write a home page that connects with your ideal client

Home Pages Made Easy is free, 60-minute webinar class in which you’ll learn:

  • 5 elements that your home page MUST have – regardless of your industry
  • 7 essential questions to answer to identify your ideal client – so you can actually write directly to them on the page
  • 3 ways to make the call/s to action on your page effective and easy to follow – without feeling pushy, sales-y or generally ickySignup button - purple

Webinar Class details

The Home Pages Made Easy webinar class will happen on Wed 27 April at 6pm Pacific (find that in YOUR time zone here)

There are only 100 spots available on the webinar: to claim yours, click the big, purple button above.

And yes, there WILL be a recording!  So please don’t stress if you can’t make the call time live: the replay will be available for at least a week afterwards 🙂

A few comments about my previous webinars…

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Who am I, and why am I giving this webinar?

tanja-gardner-250px-webHi there! If we haven’t met before, I’m Tanja. I’m a copywriter for heart-based business-folk who believe that making a difference and making a profit are equally important.

I’ve been helping those folks to write copy that really connects with their ideal clients since early 2012. Before that, I spent five years helping companies in the natural health and IT industries do the same thing.

In that time, I’ve noticed that home pages are one of the greatest sources of copywriting confusion and stress for entrepreneurs… so I decided to run a class on it to help.

If you have any questions about the webinar, please do get in touch.

Otherwise, reserve your spot by clicking the big purple button below!

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