Need to create an Introvert-friendly Holiday Survival Plan?

NOTE: The Create Your Own Introvert’s Holiday Survival Plan class has been withdrawn while it’s being reworked.

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Feeling a tad tense as the holidays approach?

Cam took thisApparently, some folks love the holiday season. As first Thanksgiving, then Christmas (or their traditional holiday of choice), then New Year roll around, they relish the parties, presents, bright lights and festivities.

Others though? Not so much. Whether you’re introverted or not, the holidays can bring their own special kind of tension and misery.  Unrealistic expectations, dysfunctional family drama, budget blowouts, painful associations from years past… or even just the freaking inescapable crass commercialism in the world around you…

Then add the introvert dynamic into the mix – the need for all-too-scarce alone time to recharge and re-energise?  It’s no surprise so many folks are conflicted, or outright dreading, this time of year.

What if this year could be totally different?

But what if the lead up to the holidays didn’t have to feel like a heavy weight in the pit of your stomach?

  • What if, this year, you could get to the end of the holiday period feeling calm and connected instead of frazzled and burnt to a crisp?
  • What if, instead of gritting your teeth and counting the minutes ’til the Silly Season’s finally over, you could genuinely relax and enjoy it?
  • What if you could decide in advance how you wanted your holidays to go… and then actually felt confident you could make that happen instead?

Sounds like a far more pleasant way to spend the next couple of months than the holiday vision you’re seeing right now, right?

But how, exactly, are you supposed to make that happen?

Introducing the “Create your own Introvert’s Holiday Survival Plan” class

As a raging introvert myself, I totally get how stressful the leadup to the holidays can be. Young woman offering presentI’ve had years where all I wanted to do was hide in my room until the craziness was over.

Now though? I approach the coming holidays on MY terms. So when I started hearing friends bewailing the fact that “Holy gods, it’s November already, I’m not ready for the holidays!!!”, I really wanted to create something to help.

So I pulled together the “Create your own Introvert’s Holiday Survival Plan” class.  In this 90-minute webinar class, I’ve covered:

  • Why the holidays can be so freaking stressful for introverts (it’s NOT just you, and you’re NOT over-reacting!)
  • The five most common causes of holiday stress, and how other introverts deal with each of them
  • How to identify the specific stressors that make you miserable year after year after year so you can do something about them this time around
  • The three foundational strategies for managing stressors, and how to figure out which one/s are best for your situation
  • Exactly, step-by-step, how to create your own unique “Introvert’s Holiday Survival Action Plan” to make damn sure that this year is different

Here’s what you get when you sign up…

  • The mp3 recording of the original class to listen through later (again and again) as often as you’d like
  • A PDF workbook that takes you step-by-step through the process of creating your action plan
  • An optional introvert-friendly private Facebook community that can support and encourage you as you figure out your unique stressors and how to manage them


The all-important logistical details

When?  Whenever you like.  Although the live class is over, the recording is available for you to listen through in your own time, in your own space.

(And if you prefer reading to listening, I have you covered there too: there’s a 40-page workbook, complete with in-depth exercises for you to work through in your own time)


How much?  I wanted to make this class as affordable as possible.  So it’s priced at just $37.


Who am I and why I am offering this class?  Pleased to meet you  🙂 !  My name’s Tanja Gardner, and I’m a deeply introverted (although not at all shy!) copywriter.  I’ve been working with and writing for introverts for just under a year now. If you’re curious, you can check out some of the introversion-related articles I’ve written both on my own blog, and as guest posts for other people around the interwebs.

The general stress management strategies I’ll be suggesting in the class are ones I originally learned through the Holistic Stress Management diploma I did through the Kevala Centre in the UK.


Guarantee?  Why, yes, actually, there is one. If you listen to the call, fill out the entire workbook, and create your action plan then decide it wasn’t as helpful as you wanted, I’ll give you a complete refund.

I’ll ask you what didn’t work for you and what I could have done better, but regardless of your answers, I’ll still willingly give you your money back.

Because really: I’m creating this class to help make a difference in your life. If it’s not doing that for you, I’m not happy charging you for it.

Any questions I haven’t answered here?

Just fire me an email to let me know