Introvert’s Guide to Promoting Yourself Online – affiliate programme

Want to become an affiliate for the Promotion for Introverts programmes?

Introverted woman peeking out through willow leavesDo you know other introverts who could use a little help learning to promote themselves in an extroverted world?  If so why not do them a favour and make a little extra cash for yourself?

Sign up as an affiliate for the Introvert’s Guide to Promoting Yourself Online without the Energy Drain programmes. Then, if any of your tribe decides to register for the programme through your link, you’ll get 50% of the sale price.


You join the affiliate programme in two easy steps:

  1. Sign up for the affiliate programme announcment list
  2. Follow the instructions in your confirmation email to get your unique affiliate link. The email will let you know about the programmes that are available at the time you sign up, and then I’ll let you know as new programmes become available.

Then just make sure that when your friends check out the programme, they use that link so I know you’re the one who referred them.

Any questions?  Contact me on, and I’ll do my best to answer them for you!

Pre-written Tweets / Facebook posts and graphics

To make it super easy for you to do a shout out to your tribe about the programme, I’ve pre-written some Tweets / Facebook posts.  Please feel free to use them exactly as they are, or edit them in any way you’d like so they sound more like you  🙂

Or, alternatively, if you want to write something from scratch, that’s totally fine too. Whatever you do, don’t forget to replace the link below with your affiliate link!


 Pre-written posts: Home Study Programme

  • OMG! So excited! The Promotion for #Introverts home study programme is FINALLY live!!!
  • #Introverts: Learn to promote yourself authentically online in your own space, at your own pace
  • Learn a simple 5-step process to promote your biz more effectively with less exhaustion, in this programme
  • Self-paced programme: Identify and use your unique strengths as an #introvert to promote your biz
  • #Introverts: how can managing your energy levels help you promote your biz more effectively?
  • Discover 6 #introvert-friendly promotional activities that really work, in this self-paced programme
  • Get the word out about what you offer, even if you’re a total #introvert – new home study programme


Pretty pre-made graphics: Home study programme

I’ve had a lot of compliments on the image of the lass below, peeking happily through the willow leaves. You’re also very welcome to use her and these graphics in your blog posts, FB posts, emails, Pinterest (or wherever else you’d like, really!)

Again, don’t forget to use your own affiliate link with it, or I won’t know any signups came from you!

 Pinterest graphic - affiliate

Pinterest graphic - small affiliate