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Why hold a training call specifically for introverted, heart-based business owners?

Introverted woman peeking out through willow leavesIt’s a sad reality that so much of the promotional and marketing advice out  there is aimed at extroverts. That’s kind of frustrating for the 57% of us (at least, according to Dr Laurie Helgoe) who are introverts.

A lot of the advice seems to boil down to “Just introduce yourself to people, ask them about themselves, and figure out how you can help them”. If ONLY it were that simple!

Alas, for many introverts, the mere concept of introducing ourselves and making small talk with a stranger is like walking on hot coals.

Then, much what follows seems to be about “giving us more confidence” or “bringing us out of our shells”. Which is great if we’re shy or lack confidence. But introversion is about the fact that interacting with other people tends to drain us – not about our confidence levels.

Net result? Much of that advice may be well-meant, but it ends up being less than helpful.

Do any of these situations seem depressingly familiar?

  • You have business friends who totally thrive on bold, outrageous promotions and marketing… and you feel like there must be something wrong with you for being so different.
  • You have no idea where to find the right people for your offering, and you dread the idea of trying out group after group till you connect with a few of them.
  • You keep trying to turn up at networking groups and meetups… and then have no idea what to say once you’re there. (Plus, all the damn small talk makes you want to stab your eyes out with a fork!)
  • You don’t mind meeting new people and learning more about how you can help them… but you always get so freaking exhausted afterwards.
  • You’re starting to resent social media like Facebook or Twitter, and seriously thinking about disconnecting for good just to stay sane.

If so, this free call was created JUST for you

I totally get what it’s like to be a raging introvert in an extroverted world. I used to seriously think there was something wrong with me. At least I did until I discovered what introversion really is, and how it can actually help me to successfully get the word about about my online business.

To help other introverts like me, I put the basics of what I’ve learned together into a 90min training call, in which I cover:

  • What introversion truly means in practice: and why some of the strengths that come with being introverted can actually make you more effective at promoting yourself.
  • Five reasons that the Internet is such a perfect promotional vehicle for us introverts: plus a few ideas on how (and where) to find your right people, and effectively let them know what you can do for them.
  • A simple process to proactively manage your energy levels: start understanding what depletes you, what energises you, and how you can use that knowledge to cope better with the draining stuff if you want to (or have to).
  • Four specific online promotional techniques that have worked for me: an introduction to the techniques that have worked without draining my energy – and a few other techniques that introverted friends have suggested.
  • How to begin to pull everything together: learn to make the best use of your strengths and minimise the energy drain when you’re creating promotions.

Freecall Testimonial from Rhi

So why is all that so important for your business
(and your life)?

Understanding how my introversion can work FOR me (and understanding, in turn, how to work in ways that honour my introversion) has been literally life-changing for me. 

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect from gaining that understanding in your own life:

  • You’ll understand more about how to promote yourself more effectively: and you’ll feel more energised and authentic as you’re doing it
  • You’ll really start to GET how your introversion can be a plus: you’ll understand your strengths and how to use them effectively in your business (and personal) relationships
  • You’ll understand yourself better: which means you’ll feel better about yourself and spend less time beating yourself up and wishing you were different
  • You’ll be able to be more present for the people you care about: instead of showing up to meet close friends or family members drained from your business activities, you’ll actually be there for them and with them.

Freecall Testimonial from Janet

Sound good? Unfortunately, registration for the last of the free calls for 2013 is now closed

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