No-Stress Newsletters programme

No-Stress Newsletter - Learn how to publish an EFFECTIVE newsletter that you love to write, and your perfect people love to read

Wish you could REGULARLY write an effective newsletter that your subscribers really want to read?

Ughhhhh… is it really newsletter time again?

It’s way-too-late-o’clock in the evening, and you’re sitting there, staring bleary-eyed at an empty screen. Yawning, you stand up, stretch, and take your empty coffee cup back to the kitchen, trying to figure out:

  • What, exactly, you’re supposed to write about this week
  • How to write it in a way that feels natural and connected instead of annoying
  • How to get people to take action WITHOUT feeling like a pushy, sales-y Spammy McSpammerpants
  • Whether you’re writing too often… or sounding too corporate… or maybe sharing too much personal stuff

And you wonder… why can’t writing a great newsletter just be EASY?????

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What if writing a regular newsletter could be simple, and stress-free?

I know: sounds like crazy-talk, right?  But just imagine it. What if you could sit down to write your newsletter each week (or each fortnight or month: your newsletter, your rules!) and feel totally relaxed and confident that:

  • Your writing will make a difference in your readers’ lives
  • You know exactly how you’ll write about it – and that every word will sound authentic, genuine and just-like-you
  • Your subscribers are eagerly looking forward to reading every issue
  • Your open and clickthrough rates will be well above your industry average
  • Your subscribers will actually sign up for the offers you make

Sound like a nice fantasy?  The good news is that, with the No-Stress Newsletters programme, it doesn’t have to be 🙂

Testimonial - Shan

Introducing the No-Stress Newsletters 10-week group programme

No-Stress Newsletters is a 10-week, 5-module group programme for heart-based businessfolk who have FAR better ways to spend their time than stare at an empty screen at newsletter time.

When you sign up, you’ll get access to five fortnightly live classes, plus five Q&A calls and time for implementation in the weeks between classes.  Q&A calls are designed to answer any questions you have about any of the modules we’ve covered up to that call.

We’re kicking off on on Tuesday Nov 29th NZDT (that’s Monday 28th in the US and UK).

NOTE: Times for the calls will be confirmed once I know where the majority of the folks who enrol are located – I’d like to ensure that the majority of participants can make it to the calls live. 

Here’s a quick overview of each class:

No-Stress Newsletters - Class descriptions - 19-10-16

All classes and calls will be held in Zoom, which means I can record it for you in both audio and video format. There’ll also be a PDF workbook available for each class for folks who learn better by reading (I know I do!)

Plus you’ll also get membership to an exclusive private Facebook community for extra support and feedback as you work through the programme.

Testimonial - Linda

Testimonial - Tamara

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Enrolling in No-Stress Newsletters is a breeze

Just click the big, blue button below,  and you’ll be directed to a payment screen.

Pay by Paypal or credit/debit card, and you’ll receive an automatic confirmation email.

You’ll also receive a separate email containing:

  • your course login details
  • instructions for joining the private community
  • a few exercises you can get started on right away
  • a contact address for any questions or problems you might have

Testimonial - Jude

Testimonial - Beth

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PLUS! 10% of ALL programme fees will go to support cancer research and care!

Walking Stars logoCancer is a topic that’s VERY close to my heart: I’ve lost both parents and way too many other relatives to the assorted forms cancer can take.

So on November 26th, I’ll be putting my money (and my feet!) where my heart is... and walking a half-marathon to raise money for cancer research and care.

You can find out more about the half-marathon – and donate, if you feel called to – on my fundraising page.

Additionally, I’ll be giving 10% of the fees for every programme to the Cancer Society via the fundraising page, to help them raise money for both cancer research, and care for those who’ve been diagnosed.


Got questions about the No-Stress Newsletters programme?

Here are a few of the questions people have asked about previous programmes I’ve run…


How long should I expect to spend on the programme each week?

Each class will take approximately an hour, and Q&A calls will take up to an hour.

You’ll probably need to block out some time to go through the practical exercises after the call too: most folks need an average of 15-30 minutes for each one.

Finally, you’ll also want to spend some time implementing what you learn in your own newsletter each week.

That means you’ll probably need to commit around an hour and a half per week for the duration of the programme.


What if I can’t make one (or all) of the calls live?

No problem: all classes will be recorded, and I’ll aim to have the recordings up and in the Facebook group shortly after our call.

There’ll also be a PDF workbook for each class, for folks (like me) who learn better from reading than they do from listening.


I already spend too much time on Facebook! Do I HAVE to join the private community?

I’d recommend signing up for the Facebook community if you possibly can.

While you can just come to the calls and work through the exercises on your own, you’ll get far more benefit from going through it with a supportive group.

PLUS the group will be my main communication channel with you, to let you know about upcoming calls, and share files.

So if you’re not part of the group, you’re likely to miss out on some fairly important information.


Does the e-course include any private 1:1 support?

Using the private community for support is what allows me to keep the cost of the e-course down. My usual private coaching/mentoring rates are $197 for a single 1-hour consult, so including 1:1 support would make the e-course far more expensive.

However, if you buy “No-Stress Newsletters” and then decide you’d like more support than the community can offer, you’ll be eligible for a 10% discount on your first copywriting consult or package with me. It’s my way of saying “thank you” to my customers 🙂


Who are you, and what qualifies you to write about newsletters?

Tanja Gardner - Copywriter + Book editorHi there! If we haven’t met before, I’m Tanja. I’m a copywriter and book editor for heart-based business-folk who believe that making a difference and making a profit are equally important.

I’ve also been writing my own newsletter for over three years, and regularly get subscribers hitting reply and telling me:

  • how much they appreciated what I’d written that week
  • how useful they find the content I sent them
  • that my newsletter is one of the few they receive that they read every single time.


What if I sign up for the programme and don’t like it? (AKA “is there a guarantee?”)

*soft smile* – I know how it goes. You’ve got this far on the page. You know the the programme sounds awesome. It’s just what you need, in fact. But… what if you buy it and then discover after the first class that it just doesn’t work for you?

I want to make sure you feel 100% good about clicking that oh-so-tempting big, purple button. So I’m offering a guarantee. It goes like this: if you at least come to the first class, then decide it’s not for you, I’ll offer you a complete refund.

I’ll ask you what didn’t work for you and what I could have done better, but regardless of your answers, I’ll still happily give you your money back.

Because really: I’m creating this programme to help make a difference in your life and your business. If it’s not doing that for you, I’m not happy charging you for it.


I have another question you haven’t answered above!

No problem – I’d love to fix that! Just fire me a quick email, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!



Testimonial - Jenny

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*  No-Stress Newsletters is built on the foundation of a previous webinar class I ran; and any testimonials with an asterisk were written in relation to that class.