VIP Done-for-You Sales Page package

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Got better things to do than endlessly rewrite your sales page?

OK, you have a major launch coming up. Maybe it’s the first time you’ve launched this particular offer, and you’re crazy!nervous. Maybe you’ve done it before, but weren’t thrilled with the results you got.

Either way, you know how critical it is to get your sales page copy right. And while you might be able to write it yourself… the truth is that copy ISN’T your zone of genius. Plus, you have eleventy billion other launch-related tasks demanding your attention.

So doesn’t it make sense to outsource to an expert who’ll make it EASY for you?

Get heart-centred sales copy that really RESONATES with your ideal readers

I specialise in writing for heart-based businessfolks: people like you who believe that making a difference and making a profit are equally important.

And while I know your time’s at a premium, I also know it’s not easy to trust someone else to capture your unique voice. You might have even had nightmare experiences with previous copywriters who wanted to use sleazy, manipulative sales techniques that made YOU look bad.

That’s why I put together my VIP Done-for-You Sales Page Package

When you book the package, you’ll get :

  • A 60-minute kickoff strategy call: to make 100% sure I understand you, your clients, your business and your offer. (Plus, as we talk together on the call, I’ll get a feel for your authentic voice, which then allows me to write for you.)
  • A first draft of up to 2,000 words: you get to go away and get on with – well, everything else in the launch – and leave writing your gorgeous sales page copy to me. I’ll capture everything we talked about in our call (plus research anything further I need to write your page), weave it into compelling copy, and get it back to you in just 5 working days.
  • Two rounds of revisions: I want you to be 100% happy with the copy you get from you – and I know that sometimes you’ll think of things after our strategy call. So my packages all include not just one but two rounds of revisions.

And you can get that full package for just $US997.


Book with confidence: get to know me BEFORE you say “Yes”

I know that outsourcing to someone else is a big step. I also know it can feel like a big investment. So I don’t want you to put down any money until we’re both totally sure I’m the right copywriter for you.

That’s why, before we go ahead with your sales page package, I want to offer you a complimentary 1-hour “Make Your Message Crystal Clear” sales page discovery consult.

In it, we’ll talk about:

  • You, your business and your values: I want to make sure I understand how you’re making a difference in the world to be sure I can give you the support you need.
  • Your previous experience with launches and sales pages: there’s more to a successful launch than your sales copy, and I want to be certain you have the other elements sorted. If not, I’ll happily refer you on to the right people.
  • Any questions you might have: I want to you to feel comfortable that you know exactly how the process of working together will unfold, and what you can expect at every stage


Here’s what you can expect from working with me

Curious about what previous clients have said about my services? Here’s a selection of their stories…


Who am I and why do I do this work?

Hi there – if you haven’t met me before, I’m Tanja.

I’ve been writing copy for about 10 years now – initially for corporate employers (first in the IT, and then in the natural health industries).  Then, in 2012, I started my own business, working exclusively with heart-centred entrepreneurs.

I do what I do because when someone asked me what I wanted written on my tombstone, I replied with four words: “She made a difference”. I figure that by helping you to make more sales and make more of a difference with your business, I’m making my own difference in the world.

And that’s pretty much all I could ask for in my work.



Got questions before you’re ready to book in a Discovery Call?

I respect your time, so if there’s something you’d like to ask before you’re ready to book in a call, I’m very happy to answer it. Just type your question in the form below.

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Otherwise, here’s a quick recap of the key points:

  1. You have better things to do with your time than endlessly rewrite your sales page
  2. I can write it for you: creating compelling copy that your ideal readers truly resonate with
  3. The cost for the full package – encompassing strategy session, first draft and two rounds of revisions – is just $US997 
  4. Before you agree to go ahead, I want to make sure we both agree I’m the right copywriter for you, which is why I offer a complimentary Discovery Call
  5. To book that call, just click on the big, purple button below