Need expert feedback on your sales page?

You’re just about to hit publish on your new sales page…

It’s an important launch for you, so you’ve really put the work into getting your sales page copy right.

You’ve asked your ideal clients what they most struggle with. You’ve crafted an offer that genuinely helps them with it. You’ve figured out what terms they naturally use to describe what they want.

And you’ve tried to communicate all that in your sales page.


But now you’re having second thoughts

You suddenly can’t help wondering…

  • Did you actually cover off all the info you needed to, or have you missed something critical?
  • Have you waffled on about things your perfect peeps couldn’t care less about?
  • Did you put it all in an order that’ll make sense to your readers?
  • Have you ended up sounding pushy, hype-y or manipulative, or have you gone too far the other way and made it far too hard for your ideal customer to buy?

What you need is a copywriting professional to quickly review your page, identify the biggest issues, and tell you exactly how to fix them.

Book your "Get My Sales Page Working" consult for just $US97


Get your sales page working the way it should be

A “Get my Sales Page Working” review consult is your chance to have an expert cast their eye over your sales page, and then get their personalised, professional feedback on it.

It’s the quick, affordable way to figure out the biggest issues with your current copy, including things like:

  • Anything your ideal clients are likely to expect that’s currently missing in action
  • Anything you’ve included that’s likely to confuse your readers or put them off
  • Any issues with the way you’ve ordered your information that will leave your perfect peeps scratching their heads
  • Any place your formatting or layout is keeping your readers from understanding the value of your offer (or making it hard for them to say “yes” to you)

Because I don’t want you to walk away overwhelmed, we’ll just focus on the top 3-4 issues. And of course I’ll recommend quick, easy ways to fix anything I pinpointed for you.

Just imagine the peace of mind (not to mention the extra sales) that could bring you!

Book your "Get My Sales Page Working" consult for just $US97

What exactly does a “Get My Sales Page Working” review consult involve?

This review consult consists of a single, 30-minute session in Zoom (recorded, if you’d like).

We’ll hop on the call together, and go through your page from top to bottom. I’ll quickly give you my initial impressions on the page as a whole, and then we’ll talk about the top 3-4 issues.

Finally, I’ll recommend a fix for each of these issues that you can go away and implement yourself.

It really is that easy.

Book your "Get My Sales Page Working" consult for just $US97


Can’t find an available time that works?

No stress! I can record a 30-minute review video for you solo, and then simply send you a link to the recording from Dropbox.

You’ll get everything you’d get from a 1-2-1 consult, without actually having to show up live to the call yourself! (I’ll be honest: I wasn’t sure that this would work, but the lovely Jo, whose feedback you can see below, asked me to run hers that way. And you can see from her comments how successful that was 🙂 )

If you want this option, just make a note when you book the consult that you’d like me to record it solo.

Book your "Get My Sales Page Working" consult for just $US97


Booking a “Get My Sales Page Working” review consult is simple…

  1. Click the shiny, blue button below, and go straight through to my booking page.
  2. Choose up to three times that work for you, enter your contact details, and then choose your payment method.
  3. NOTE: if you just want me to record my review solo, pick any available time, and mention in the comments that you won’t be on the consult with me
  4. Once your payment’s gone through, you’ll get an email confirming your appointment time, and the Zoom link for our call.

Then just be there on the call at the agreed time, and BAM!  Your sales page is on its way to working the way it should do.

Book your "Get My Sales Page Working" consult for just $US97

Wondering what a consult with me is like? Here’s what previous clients have said…




Got questions? I’m happy to answer them!

If there’s anything you’d like to ask me about the “Get my Sales Page Working” review consult, I’d love to hear from you.  Just pop your details (and your question) in the form below, and I’ll do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

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Otherwise, if you’re ready to book, just click the big, blue button below.

Book your "Get My Sales Page Working" consult for just $US97