Here’s what you can expect from my copywriting work…

(NB: looking for my book and ebook editing testimonials? Find those here)

So many practical tips to help improve my copy!

“I’m restructuring my business, and I’d created a sales page for my new cornerstone offer. The page needed to be bang on, but I was too close to the content, and couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

I was a little skeptical about Tanja’s “Get My Sales Page Working” consult initially – I mean, how much information could I really get in 30 minutes? But she BLEW ME AWAY in our session: she’d obviously taken time to go through the page thoroughly beforehand, and gave me so many practical tips to improve the copy.

She allowed me to see the page from my ideal client’s perspective.

I think many of us undervalue the power of well-written, well-formatted copy on our sales pages, and end up losing sales and wasting marketing efforts . To avoid this, I’d highly recommend Tanja’s consult to anyone with an important sales page that they really want to get right.”

Elle Roberts,

I really appreciated Tanja’s ability to help me fix my blindspots.

“I wanted to get some feedback on the sales page for my new mentorship program, and was fortunate enough to win a review session with Tanja.

I was a little nervous that she’d make recommendations I wouldn’t be able to follow, but she helped me to see exactly which changes I need to make and why. That motivated me to follow through, and I’ve been able to make the adjustments I need far quicker, and with much more confidence than I would have been able to manage on my own.

I’m really happy with the new copy for my page, and appreciate Tanja’s ability to clearly pinpoint my blindspots and help me to fix them.”

Heidi Hosking,

Blown away by the comprehensive review feedback

“The Wildly Successful Society is my signature program, so I need to constantly improve my sales page for it every time I launch. I booked a consult with Tanja because I wanted expert feedback on the current version to help me maximise conversions – and she delivered.

I was blown away by her comprehensive comments in the review consult.  She gave specific suggestions that I can easily implement to really increase conversions.

I’ll definitely be using Tanja’s review service for all my future sales pages – great value!”

Jo Bendle, 

Tanja highlighted quick, easy changes that will make a BIG difference

I’d never had to rely on my sales page to bring people into my Take Off program before. Because they usually knew me, by the time they got to my page, they were already most of the way towards buying.

But as my business grows and I’m starting to reach a much wider audience, my sales page needs to start doing more of my selling for me. That’s why I asked Tanja to review my current sales page copy.

The existing page probably took me less than 40 minutes to create, so I was worried that it would be a complete write-off. As Tanja walked me step-by-step through my page copy, though, I realised that the gaping holes I’d been imagining weren’t actually an issue.

She did, however, highlight some quick, easy changes that will make a big difference in helping my ideal clients to understand how my program can help them.

If you’re about to go into launch and want to maximise your sales page’s conversion, I totally recommend getting Tanja to review it.”

Tash Corbin,

Tanja gave me a framework I can apply to every page I write in future

I needed help with my sales page: I knew that every word on my page had the power to seduce or repel, and I just couldn’t get past my constant concern about getting it wrong.

Tanja’s consult helped me look at my page with fresh eyes: picking up on inconsistencies in my presentation and information, and highlighting the “leaks” that took people to other pages and stopped them buying.

Plus, she gave me a framework I can adapt and apply to every sales page I write in future. I now feel much more confident about writing sales pages that easily show my potential customers the benefits of working with me, and help them decide whether I’m the right person for them.

I’d absolutely recommend Tanja for her comprehensive knowledge of copy and layout. Her practical advice was easy-to-understand and spot on!

Julie Gibbons,

Talk about a sense of relief! I feel far more confident about my emails

I needed to write a list induction sequence (the emails that my subscribers automatically get after signing up for my newsletter). I’d never done anything like it before, so I needed help to make sure my wording worked.

I was a little worried that I’d have to rewrite the whole thing, but I was pleasantly surprised when Tanja reassured me I was on the right track. She clarified the most effective structure for me to use in my first email (very helpful: I love a bit of a template!) Then she explained a few fundamentals that I’ll be able to use in future copywriting projects. And finally, she helped me weed out some unnecessary bits, and move other bits to where they made more sense.

I knew I was working with a professional who knows her craft, so whew: talk about a sense of relief! Tanja’s expert feedback made me feel far more confident about these emails, and any that I send out going forward.

Claire Tait, Holistic Kinesiology

Tanja took all the guesswork out of planning my opt-in

I was struggling to create my opt-in: I just couldn’t pinpoint where to focus it and how to get my message across to my readers. I knew other people used opt-ins to reach their clients, but couldn’t see how one would possibly work in my field (holistic health).

My consult with Tanja brought everything together: she made the process clear and directed it beautifully. Her questions helped me see the business areas I wanted to focus on, and how to communicate about them to potential clients. She took all the guesswork out of it, and together, on the call, we actually planned out my opt-in!

I’m now actually excited about going away and creating that opt-in for myself. I recommend Tanja’s consult without reservation: she has the knowledge and talent to really help you get clear on the ideal opt-in for YOUR business.

Leanne Northwood, White Sage Holistics

Tanja made creating the copy for my first website SO MUCH easier for me

I was creating my first website through an online course … but I realised I had no idea about the content that should go on each page.

That’s where Tanja came in.  She helped me understand the components of good writing from my readers’ perspective. She also took all my ideas and assembled them in a reader-friendly way that’s still completely in tune with my focus.

I’d never worked with a copywriter before, so I really appreciated the framework and structure Tanja uses. It meant I always knew what to expect and by when. And I now have four beautifully crafted web pages that I’m looking forward to publishing when my site launches.

If you’re taking your first steps into the public arena with any kind of writing, Tanja can make it so much easier for you (and she’s a great teacher as well!) Much gratitude!

Cheyne Turner, Akashic Wisdom (website forthcoming)

Tanja took a HUGE weight off my shoulders and created brilliant back cover copy

I first contacted Tanja because I’d lost the plot (no pun intended!) on the back cover copy for my first book. The publisher had written a draft for me previously, but I just wasn’t happy with the results… And while I knew I needed expert help, I also worried that anyone I spoke to might think I’d been overly sensitive in my previous reactions.

I was relieved, however, when Tanja reassured me that my thoughts were valid. Then, as we worked together, she helped me to clarify and prioritise who my book (and therefore my cover copy) was actually for, plus the fundamental message that the copy needed to convey.

Basically, Tanja took a HUGE weight off my shoulders – I now have brilliant back cover copy that represents exactly what I wanted my book to communicate.  I loved her clear process, and her ability to find the right words for my text.

I’d absolutely recommend her to other authors, and I’m looking forward to working with her again in future.

Veronica Strachan, 

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When I announced my new ebook on FB, my opt-in rate went up by over 600%!

I wanted to create a new e-book based on one of my webinars as my opt-in gift. I’d been meaning to get around to it for ages, but I kept putting it off in favour of other things. (And I knew that if I didn’t get help with it, I’d keep on putting it off for at least another year!)

I know many people avoid working with copywriters because they’re worried about the finished piece just not being in their voice. However, I already knew Tanja, and had already seen her work in action, so I knew she’d nail it – which she totally did.

I now have an awesome short book that I can use as a juicy list-builder to grow my #ladyposse tribe and build my business. I used to have around 15 opt-ins per week… but in the 7 days since I announced my new ebook on Facebook, I’ve had OVER 100 new people join: that’s over a 600% increase!

I love what Tanja’s done for me, and I’d ABSOLUTELY recommend her copywriting!

Tash Corbin,

After just an hour with Tanja, I wrote my content with ease and flow...

I was working on a piece of content where I needed to write about myself and what I do. I’d spent days working on it, but I just couldn’t get it sounding right. The words wouldn’t flow and I felt stuck.

During my session with Tanja, she showed me that my issue wasn’t with finding the right words, but rather with understanding the underlying structure. When Tanja helped me figure out that structure, the words just flowed.

After just an hour with Tanja I could write my content with flow and ease. It turned out to be very simple: taking me a tenth of the time that continuing to stumble around on my own would have done.

Working with Tanja exceeded my expectations. I feel great about my new copy, and I can use what Tanja taught me over and over again.

Yelena Kostyugova,

From stress and overwhelm to a beautiful home page and increased subscribers

I was getting more and more overwhelmed and stressed about my Home page. It wasn’t just about finding the time to write it (although that was hard too!) I wanted the copy to connect with my ideal clients, and this type of writing just isn’t what I do. On the other hand, I’d worked with other copywriters in the past, and they just hadn’t delivered the quality work I’d paid for.

From the start, I knew Tanja was different. Her in-depth questionnaire ensured that my page communicated exactly what I wanted it to. In fact, her process worked so well that she all-but nailed the copy for me on the first go! My new Home page captures my message beautifully and concisely, while being totally true to my tone of voice.

I’ve only had the new copy up a few weeks, but I’m already seeing a consistent increase in subscribers, which are then converting to sales! Thanks Tanja – love ya’ work, and I highly recommend it to everyone!”

Gail O’Keeffe,

I feel excited about writing my sales page again!

I had a problem with the sales pages for my program launch: several people had seen the page, but nobody had actually signed up for the program.

Tanja gave me several pointers to improve the structure, language and format of the page. She helped me get much clearer on what I need to do and why – which got me so excited about the page that I started rewriting it five minutes after we hung up!

I’d gladly recommend Tanja to anyone who’s having trouble with the copy on their website. She knows what she’s talking about (and the fact that she’s lovely, down-to-earth and straightforward is an added plus!)

Linda Ursin,

Tanja's advice helped me become a Huffington Post blogger!

I booked a consult with Tanja because I had a brain dump of information that I really wanted to share as a blog post – but I knew it was garbled, and my key points were getting lost. I needed an expert eye to help the power of my position to shine through.

I’ll admit, I was a bit worried when I first contacted her: I felt incredibly exposed, and as though I was about to stand in front of my high school English teacher. But this was a deeply important post for me, and I wanted to get it right.

Tanja reassured me as she highlighted my strengths, while not being afraid to tell me where I could improve the post. I now have a framework that I can use over and over again in future pieces to make them easier for my end reader to take in.

I feel much more confident and clearer in my writing now – enough that I decided to submit the piece Tanja helped me with to Huffington Post. I’m delighted to say that they accepted it straight away, and I can now call myself a HuffPost blogger.

Thanks, Tanja – I’m recommending your consults to everyone I know!

Lorraine Hamilton,

Clear, actionable suggestions that made my sales page much clearer and more effective

I booked a consult with Tanja because I’d been working on my programme sales page for so long that it was hard for me to look at it objectively. Still, though, I didn’t know if having a copywriter would really add anything of value.

However, Tanja provided me with very clear, specific, and actionable suggestions that I could incorporate right away to make my page do its job more effectively. I now have a much clearer message and call to action on my sales page and I can use her suggestions on all my other pages as well.

If you are considering getting another set of eyes to look over any of your webpages, I recommend asking Tanja to have a look. I think you will be surprised by the ways she can turn “good enough” into “great!”.

Michael Sheely, Empathy Coach

Brilliant copy that saved me a mass of time, so I could focus on building my business

My business was just getting started, so I needed lots of help writing a website and blog posts that would connect with my audience. I’ve come from a corporate background, and I was worried that my writing style was too stiff – that it would completely miss the mark with my readers.

Tanja helped me to get clear on my audience and then find exactly the right words to communicate with them.  Not only did she write brilliant copy and do a fabulous job of capturing my voice, but she also helped me to understand the whys and hows of writing good copy and content myself.

Working with Tanja was incredibly easy – she asked all the right questions, and set very clear expectations (essential for someone who hadn’t worked with a copywriter before). She saved me a mass of time – and probably a few frustration-related headaches too – so I could focus on building my business, instead of stressing about my copy.

Felicia Baucom:

I love my new copy and the credibility boost it's giving my website

I’d recently increased my prices to reflect the real value that the websites I build provide to my clients. However, I wasn’t sure that my old copy communicated the professionalism, or instilled the trust that my new pricing demanded. Plus, I’d also changed my target audience from brick-and-mortar local businesses to online female entrepreneurs, so I needed to make sure the copy spoke directly to them.

I was a bit nervous about hiring someone initially: what if I didn’t like what I ended up with? Or what if the copywriter didn’t understand my brand? Plus I’m not a bad writer myself… so it was tempting to simply DIY it. I’m really glad I didn’t though.

Tanja helped me get totally clear on my audience and key messages; and helped me to identify what each page on the site needed to do. She put the time and effort into understanding exactly what I needed – which showed in the fact that I barely had to edit her first drafts before signing them off.

I really love the copy she’s created for me, and the credibility boost it’s given my website. Plus she was simply great to work with: all up, she did a fantastic job!

Leah Mazur: Loop Digital

Tanja helped me ensure I only attracted quality clients...

I needed to completely overhaul my website to make it easy for clients to both find the information they needed, and quickly see whether I was the right choice for them.  I also wanted the copy to authentically reflect me, while showing me in the best possible light AND being as succinct as possible.

I was a little concerned about involving a copywriter because it was hard enough to get clear on my own vision, let alone get someone else to communicate it. Plus, the nature of my industry (sex work) means that being clear about what I offer without being vulgar can be a challenge.

Tanja broke the process of rewriting my entire website down into manageable chunks, which was perfect for me. She asked all the right questions about me, my customers and my services, to ensure the copy only attracted quality clients – and I’m already noticing the results.  I’m dealing with fewer time-wasters, which is freeing me up to concentrate on the clients I really enjoy working with.

Tanja’s copy is exactly what I’d say if I could write as well as she does.  When I read back over what she’s written, it feels just like me speaking. Not only does that mean I feel comfortable with it myself, but my clients know that “what they read is what they get” – no unpleasant surprises that way!

I’m so proud of my website now, and I tell everyone I can about the awesome copywriter who helped me create it.  Thanks, Tanja!

Ava Grace: Ava Grace VIP (NOTE: this is an adult site)

Not just a wonderful writer, Tanja really understands the whole online business process

I knew what my website needed to say, but I was finding it really difficult to put it into words. Plus, I couldn’t figure out how to ensure that the content that ended up on my web pages actually reflected me.

I’d never worked with a copywriter before, and had no idea of what was involved, but Tanja patiently walked me through every stage of the writing process. Not only did she create great copy for my About and Coaching Services pages, but she also helped me to to figure out a great process that I can use to write my own pages in future.

I’ve had great feedback about my new About page from others; but more than that, I’m relieved to finally have copy that truly reflects who I am and why I do the work I do.

Tanja’s very easy to work with: she’s not just a wonderful writer, but she also really understands the whole process of online business and how good copy fits into that.  I’d definitely recommend her copywriting services to other coaches.”

Lynette Packer, The Spiral Sanctuary

More than just writing, Tanja helped me clearly understand my sales funnel

I needed copy for the new website I was building. I wasn’t sure how to convey my message in writing myself; but at the same time, I worried that the wrong copywriter might not be able to get my voice. Plus, I wanted someone who was experienced and versatile enough to write for coaches on a budget.

Tanja wrote four new pages of copy for me in a tight timeframe. More than just writing, though, she helped me to clearly understand and follow my sales funnel from my readers’ viewpoints.

Her copy also helped me to realise that I’d been trying to build the wrong kind of site; and then communicate with my web design team about what I wanted instead. That saved me a mass of time: what had taken me 2 months to get in place without text took only a week to revamp armed with Tanja’s copy.

She was thorough and organized, ensuring that she understood everything she needed to about my work to convey my voice properly. I thoroughly recommend Tanja’s services to other coaches!

Sabrina Priest, GPS for Your Business

Tanja saved me time and made it super-easy to get my promotions in gear!

I initially contacted Tanja because I needed help with relaunching three of my programs.  I’d had some experience with writing copy, but I knew I needed expert help with structuring it and making it sales-focussed.  I’d checked out her website and loved the way I could feel her voice shining through in what she’d written. I knew if she could to that for herself, she could do it for me too.

I really like the way she asked so many questions to start with: she really got inside the mind of my ideal client and understood my offerings.  Then she communicated that knowledge in a concise, easy-to-read way that incorporated her knowledge of sales and marketing.  She even gave me social media posts to go along with my launch that saved me a bunch of time and made it super-easy to get my promotion efforts in gear.

Thanks so much, Tanja!  You’re great at what you do, and I’ll be back for more help from you (and recommend your services to others) in the future for sure!

Sally Keys, Manifest Abundance Now

From the very first strategy session with Tanja, I relaxed...

I needed copy for my new ‘Peace after Trauma’ website, and realized that the formal writing style I was used to probably wouldn’t work. I spent hours writing and rewriting drafts of my home page, wondering if I was on the right track, and whether I could be using my time better.

I thought about hiring a copywriter, but worried that they wouldn’t “get” the material, or that they’d be too casual for the topic. From the very first strategy session with Tanja, though, I relaxed. She evidently understood my subject area, and quickly zeroed in on exactly what should go on the home page. What a relief!

Tanja was flexible and patient as I adjusted to a more personal way of writing that connected with my reader. She saved me time and helped me feel far more confident about writing my own copy in future (plus, I love my new website!) I’m very glad I engaged her!

 Carolyn Yoder,

My results were fantastic: over 1000 optins and 7% of those bought!

I was creating a campaign that was bigger than anything I’d ever done before, and I knew I’d need help putting it together. I’d never hired a copywriter before either, so I worried whether I could translate what I wanted to say into something someone else could run with and improve.

Tanja helped me to not only refine my message, but also to get clear about each part of the campaign and how it all wove together. And the end results were fantastic: over 1,000 people opted into my free event, and over 7% signed up to be a part of the Women’s Success Tribe Community – Yeah!

I feel as though my intuition to hire Tanja was dead on. She managed to get inside my head and help me organize my thoughts more clearly. She poured her heart and soul into my project and helped to transform my vision into a powerful reality. She was, quite simply, brilliant, and I wholeheartedly recommend her services!

Jenn August, Women’s Success Tribe

My sales increased dramatically… and my program material itself was clearer…

I’ve had issues in the past with creating clear sales pages that got me the results I needed, so I asked Tanja to help with the copy for my latest training program.

She asked me great questions, then translated my answers into clear, authentic opt-in and sales page copy that made it easy for people to determine whether my training was right for them.

Tanja’s work has increased my community list, while ensuring that I attracted the “right” people to my tribe.  My sales increased dramatically – plus, working with Tanja also helped me to make the program material itself clearer.  I’ve already recommended her to other business friends who need copywriting help, and will continue to do so!”

Meredith CanaanCanaan Coaching

Clarity, confidence, and thousands of dollars of extra revenue...

I started writing the sales pages of my new Inbox Bootcamp offering … but got stuck.  Even though I’d gotten feedback from my mastermind group, I still couldn’t get the pages past the “half-ready” stage.  I felt overwhelmed and unmotivated. After a few days of going round in circles, I decided it was time to call in a professional copywriter!

Before I started working with Tanja, I wasn’t sure whether she’d would be able to write in my voice (because the last thing I wanted was for my copy not to sound like me!)  Plus, I was worried that the whole process would be time-consuming and cumbersome. I didn’t want long meetings and endless rounds of feedback.

I’m happy to say my concerns were unfounded.  Tanja helped me clarify what I was offering, communicate it clearly, and then gave me a clear, simple, step-by-step process I could follow. My ideas were turned into great copy.

And the results? I filled ALL the free session spaces, and got a a good number of paying clients as well – that was thousands of dollars of extra revenue.  But more than that, I’m now far more confident that I can pull off a sales campaign in future. It’s not as scary as I thought! Thanks, Tanja – I’ll definitely suggest your services to other people!

Erin O’

Writing powerfully yet in a way that doesn't alienate my ideal clients requires a very delicate balance...

When I first contacted Tanja, I was struggling with the copy for my revamped website.  I knew my web pages needed to be more about my clients and their needs and painpoints, but I couldn’t figure out how to write them that way.  If I’ve learned one thing recently, it’s that we therapists should NOT try to write our own copy!

I was initially concerned that Tanja wouldn’t be able to write in my voice, and that as a non-therapist, she wouldn’t be able to connect with my clients and touch their pain. (Note: I’m a Licensed Addictions Counsellor, which means writing powerfully yet in a way that doesn’t alienate my ideal clients requires a very delicate balance!)  However, I was truly impressed by how well we worked together, and how easy communicating exactly what I needed to her was.

She asked all the right questions: in-depth ones that cut right to the heart of my clients’ painpoints. Then she used her intuition to take my answers and weave amazing, client-attracting  copy from them in a very short timeframe.  I’d recommend Tanja to other therapists without hesitation – she was easy to work with, organized and efficient, and took much of the stress out of launching a new website for me.

Lorraine Bockman, Comprehensive Addictions Solutions

Copywriting support for a multiple six-figure launch…

I’m a pretty good copywriter myself, but I know it’s always helpful to get an outside perspective.  And as my Visionary Business Mastery program launch approached, I was swamped.  I had existing copy I wanted to improve, new copy that needed writing… and I knew I needed support.  I hoped Tanja would be able to help save me time and improve my conversion rate.

Initially, I was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to write in my voice, and that she’d suggest a load of unnecessary changes that wouldn’t end up improving on what I’d written. However, as she looked first through my registration page, then my emails and swipe copy, the feedback she gave me was great.  Plus she wrote some fresh copy for me too!

The program launch went extremely well – quickly becoming a multiple six-figure event. To be fair, this was my third multiple six-figure launch, so I’m pretty sure it would have been successful regardless; but I’m just as certain that Tanja’s support was part of the success this time.

I’ll use the copy Tanja worked on for me over and over again in future launches; and I’ve happily added her to my “Rolodex of Resources” – the list of the tools and providers I recommend to all my clients.

Ryan Eliason,  http://www.socialentrepreneurempowerment.com

Transforming a bundle of words +a vague outline into magical copy + increased signups…

I worked with Tanja to write a series of copy for a Multi Speaker Online event that included the sign up page, sales page and follow up email sequences. She also created all the social media updates and the marketing pack for our affiliate partners.

We were under such a tight schedule and were unclear exactly what we wanted, so it was a relief to just hand a basic concept over to Tanja who delivered awe- inspiring results within a short timeframe.  She made the whole process effortless and wove a beautiful thread through all the messaging that tied the whole event together and really spoke to our audience.

I’d really recommend working with Tanja, as she delivers what she promises and has a knack of getting the best out of you with the questions she asks. It was such a relief to work with a total pro who was able to take a bundle of words and a vague outline, and transform it into magical, compelling copy that converted into increased signups to the event.

Thanks, Tanja x

Mary Joyce, +

Compelling copy that resulted in hundreds of extra telesummit signups...

When I first contacted Tanja, I was going crazy trying to write the copy for a major, 22-speaker telesummit. I was going round and round in my own mind, fighting to communicate the message I knew I wanted, but totally unable to pin it down. I didn’t know if I could even make myself clear in a copywriting brief!

Tanja used her magic to see through all my garbled thoughts and create a clear, concise, compelling message. In fact, her copy was so compelling and easy to understand that it resulted in hundreds of extra signups to the telesummit. That’s hundreds more people who’ll hear the message about following their dreams and never giving up!

I would absolutely use Tanja’s services again, and I highly recommend her to other telesummit organizers.

Tricia Dycka,

I recommend Tanja for messages that pop out and meet the audience...

Tanja worked successfully with me in a tight schedule to help me produce the copy for a successful telesummit.   I needed her talents to write copy for my Entrepreneurial Breakthrough to Success & Significance teleseminar series. (A friend and I had attempted to write a draft but it just wasn’t professional enough to get the points across to our readers.)

Over the course of the project, we created a co-ordinated, compelling campaign of web pages, an affiliate email, and a social media campaign. The copy Tanja produced led to compliments from readers who were copywriters or more experienced internet marketers.

I recommend Tanja for those who want marketing success with messages that pop out and meet the audience with benefits and results.

Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers, Coaching Flow Success

From questions to ideas to a compelling story

I recently asked Tanja to create a sales page for my upcoming five-week programme. I knew I had a unique story to tell around it, but I wanted to make sure my ideas came across clearly.

Tanja asked me just the right questions to bring my ideas to the surface, and then wove everything together into a compelling story that’s easy for my readers to follow. I now have an amazing sales page that I’m proud to send my readers to. And less than a week after it went live, I’ve had nearly 500 hits on it.

Tanja did a wonderful job of accommodating my request at very short notice. She was friendly, focussed and to the point as we worked together – finishing my page in record time. I’d happily recommend her to anyone who wants help writing clear, compelling sales page copy.

Monica Popa,

Tanja is truly a master in her field!

Soorya and I had been working on our website for a while, and were thoroughly stuck. We’d written a lot of content, but weren’t sure how well it reflected us, and how effectively it would read to our audience. I’d hesitated to approach a copywriter because I wasn’t sure how well they’d understand our business and the needs of our audience.

Tanja made the time and effort to really understand us and our readers. She helped us identify and clearly highlight the true “gold nuggets” in our existing text. She tightened up our website and autoresponder copy, and taught us a huge amount about effective writing. Then, when we tested out what she’d written with a real-life ideal client, they couldn’t suggest a single change!

Her excellent work was on time and below budget – a rare combination. I feel so much more confident now that when our clients read our website, they’ll clearly understand how we can help them. Tanja was easy to contact, respected our timelines, and made our experience easy and enjoyable. She is definitely a master in her field!

 Jack & Soorya

Tanja offered brilliant writing coaching that helped me to connect with my readers...

“I’d been tinkering with my website for nearly a year before I realised it was really time to take the leap. I wasn’t sure if my copy was getting my message across, and asked Tanja for feedback – half-scared that she’d tell me I needed to completely rewrite the whole thing.

Tanja quickly eased my fears, offering brilliant writing coaching that helped me turn my writing around. She showed me in clear, easy steps how to change my underlying tone to one that created a connection with my readers and made them feel included. Best of all, I’ve been able to take what I learned from her as we worked on that website, and apply it to a new business I’ve since launched in a completely different industry.

Tanja has significantly increased my confidence in my own writing. Her ability to coach, analyse readability, and – respectfully, encouragingly – help you open the doors to your own skills is masterful. She’s a wonderful resource to have, and I would gladly recommend her services.”

Maria Baeck, Wholistic Visions

Easy to work with, always encouraging, and terrific business advice...

“Working with Tanja is just brilliant! When I first contacted her, I was feeling frustrated because I wasn’t sure how to communicate what was so special about Nurture Yoga.

Tanja coached me through the process of figuring out what was most important to my customers, then turned that into clear, concise language that’s still authentically “me”. Her sales copy even made me want to buy my own products!

And it’s not just the super copywriting – she’s easy to work with, always encourages me, and offers terrific business advice. It’s no wonder I’ve just asked her to write my second website for me!”

Gina George, Nurture Yoga

Working with Tanja was the best decision I made!

“I dragged my feet for MONTHS writing copy for specific pages of my website. I was so frustrated that I couldn’t seem to come up with the right words (and I’m a writer!) I had also never worked with a copywriter before and was nervous about putting this in someone else’s hands.

Working with Tanja was the best decision I made! I was completely elated when I opened up the email and she had beautifully crafted what I could not. Her talent is genius! All my fears were put to rest 100%. My only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner. She was professional, delivered more than was promised and was great at listening to any changes that I needed.

I cannot express how much relief I feel now that this project is done, one that I thought I would never finish! I will definitely be hiring Tanja again!”

Andrea Owen, Your kick-ass life

I struggled to define my niche and message until I found Tanja…

“When I began working with Tanja I was struggling to define my niche and put my message into words. I knew in my heart what they were. But trying to decide on a clear concise message that incorporated the key aspects of who I was and what I offered as a coach was proving to be a monumentally frustrating task. It was taking up a lot of my time and energy and I wasn’t getting anywhere, until I found Tanja!

In just a few days, she synthesized pages and pages of my writing down to the nuggets that really expressed what I offer in a way I feel great about! Tanja not only wrote brilliant copy for my website, she helped me to get clear and move forward in my business with confidence and renewed energy and passion!

If you’re feeling frustrated trying to capture your message in words let Tanja help you! It’s likely to be the best thing you can do for yourself or your business.”

Lorraine Faehndrich, Radiant Life Design

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