Clear web page guide

Is your web page actively driving your readers away?

OK, so you’ve just finished your shiny new web page…

Make Your Web Page Crystal Clear ebookYou hit the “publish” button, and proudly tell everyone – friends, family, clients, and even the lass behind the checkout when you head out to buy groceries later on – that it’s gone live.  You can’t wait for all the adoring feedback to pour in. Not to mention the sales!

But… for some reason, you’re not getting the responses you expected.  People keep asking you questions that you’ve answered clearly in black and white in the page text. Google Analytics tells you they’re only spending 10-20 seconds on it before they click away. And no-one’s actually freaking buying anything!

Want a free guide to making your web page crystal clear and scannable?

“Make Your Web Page Crystal Clear” is a carefully chosen collection of 12 top tips for writing a scannable web page people actually read.  Each tip is something that’s helped at least one of my clients in the past. Together, they’ll stop you making some of the most common mistakes that drive readers away from your website.

There’s a guide that explains why each tip is important and how to apply it – now – to the web pages you’re writing.  Plus, there’s a super-short, one-page checklist that brings them all together in one place.  It’s perfect to use as that final “idiot check” for scannability before you hit the publish button.

And “Make Your Web Page Crystal Clear” is completely free when you sign up for Crystal Writing Tips – my my short-‘n’-sweet fortnightly roundup of news, tips and resources.

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