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Crystal clear email / newsletter copywriting that gets the word out

Crystal Clear Solo Sales Email Package

Did you know that email open rates plunge as low as 14% in some industries? And that clickthrough rates are often just 2-3%?  If you have an offering you really need to let your list know about – and you want them to actually read the emails you send them (let alone click on your links) – you need to make the benefits crystal clear.

The Solo Sales Email Package helps you get the word out to as many people on your list as possible. It ensures the people who read your emails understand exactly what you’re offering, and whether it’s right for them.

The package includes:

  • 30 minute strategy session on Skype
  • A first draft of an email that’s written specifically to be opened, read and acted on
  • Up to two rounds of edits
  • Social media support available as extra at cost

Cost: $US347

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Crystal Clear Multi-Email Launch Campaign Package

Irresistible Copywriter Vrinda Normand states that only 3% of people are ready to buy the first time they see your offer. Even if that offer is perfect for them – if it could change their lives forever right now – they may still need to see it multiple times before they’re ready to say yes.

The Multi-Email Launch Campaign Package is a co-ordinated series of three (or more, if you need them) emails that relate to a single offering. Designed to be sent over a period of 1-2 weeks, they’re perfect for increasing your clickthrough rate – and of course, your sales.

The package includes:

Cost: $US947 (saves you over $450).  Extra emails available at $297 each.

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Done-for-You Designer Newsletter / Blog Post Writing Packages

This service package now has its own dedicated information page.

To find out more about it, check out the page here!